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Bangkok’s Floating Markets

There are many floating markets throughout Thailand, many situated either in or around Bangkok. These colorfully clad markets are highly popular with tourists as well as locals, and it is a way for traders to navigate the canals and inland waterways to take their goods to market.

The floating markets have developed over a long history in Thailand as a way to bypass jungle and other unnavigable terrains, they existed long before paths and roads were constructed. Boats could access remote areas to bring goods to needy people, eliminating long overland shopping treks.

Khlong Lat Mayom

Situated roughly 20km from Bangkok city center, Khlong Lat Mayom has the charm and authenticity of a local market and is regularly packed with locals especially at weekends.

The local market culture has deep roots in Thai daily life, where people love to shop daily for fresh produce. Also eating out is a common occurrence in Thailand, it is fun, cheap and casual, the markets also give a great opportunity for people to gather together and dine.

Khlong Lat Mayom is more of a riverside market than a floating market, the canal is very narrow here and only a few boats are actually parked along the riverbank. The inhabitants cook tasty snacks and Thai food for hungry market goers. Eating is a highlight here, perched precariously on a tiny plastic stool diners order freshly cooked dishes from tiny moored vessels.

The main part of the market is on firm ground where small stalls offer fresh produce such as vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat. You can also find clothing, flowers, and toys.


Amphawa Floating Market was once a small village that existed in the Mid-Seventeenth Century. It has become a magnet for Thai weekenders so much so that food stalls have grown from the riverbank and into the surrounding streets.

The big attraction is the boats that grill seafood around the central bridge serving succulent squid, huge prawns and an appetizing array of shellfish. The cooking aromas are irresistible and bring hordes flocking down to the riverbank.

Along each side of the canal, charming old wooden shops sell souvenirs, everything from the ubiquitous T-Shirt to more creative handmade items. The are plenty of sweets, snacks, ice cream on sale plus an incredible range of Thai food sold from small carts.

Bang Nam Pheung

Bang Nam Pheung is one of Bangkok’s smallest floating market, actually, it is more accurate to call it a Riverside market as most of the stalls are on solid ground.

Being situated only a couple of kilometers from Bangkok it is really handy but can be a little difficult to find. Bang Nam Pheung is a real local market with plenty of interesting foods and sweets on display.

One of the quirks of the market is the unusual selection of seafood and noodle soups available. The compact market is composed of narrow lanes that meander under giant trees which provide vital shade whilst shopping.

These Floating Markets are best reached by taxi as they are all slightly outside Bangkok and not on public transportation routes. The V20 Boutique hotel offers a concierge service that will arrange all your travel requirements and set a tour itinerary for you.

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